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The Dangers Of Cyberbullying

Iva Dixon 0

Are your kids on social media? If they are, do you know who they’re talking to on there? While we want to trust our children, they might not want you to know if they’re being cyberbullied. That’s why you need to know what they’re really up to online by checking their phone history. Otherwise, you may have no idea that another kid from school, or worse, an online predator, is bullying your child on the Internet. Here’s why you need to take cyberbullying seriously.

It’s Harder To Get Away From

For the most part, bullying used to just be limited to school and other public places. Now, cyberbullying can take place in your home. It’s almost impossible to get away from this form of bullying if your child uses the Internet. Bullies could be posting their pictures and personal information on social media networks, websites, and blogs. In addition, there’s a good chance that they’re constantly messaging your child with insults and threats. You can check their phone history to see what messages they’ve received. While your child can turn off the computer and play outside, they’ll have to face this harassment every time they want to use the Internet. And once something’s on the Internet, it’s impossible to to erase.

It’s More Public, Yet Anonymous

The Internet is a public forum that almost anyone in the world can access. Cyberbullying goes beyond just embarrassing a kid when they’re at school or with their friends – it invites the whole world to see them be humiliated. While it is very public, the Internet gives cyberbullies the power to remain anonymous. That means that your child could be publicly shamed online and not even know who’s behind it. It’s not as easy as singling out a bully at school and reporting them to an administrator.

It Can Cause Hurt, Depression, And Low Self-Esteem

Your child may show signs of depression if they're a victim of cyberbullying.
Cyberbullying can affect how your child feels in real life.

Just like bullying in the real world, cyberbullying can break down victims. Children who are cyberbullied often experience low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and sometimes even suicidal thoughts. These feelings may keep them from interacting with their friends or doing well in school. Have you noticed your child exhibit any of these signs? Make sure cyberbullying isn’t a possibility by checking their phone history to see what they’ve been doing online.

Sit down and talk with your child about responsible Internet use, cyberbullying, and social media. Be sure to let them know that they can always come and talk to you about anything. If you’re unfamiliar with the Internet, social media, and texting, start doing a little research so you can learn more about what your child does every day. Tracking their phone history is a good place to start. You can also practice these simple, everyday tips to keep your kids safe. Take advantage of all the resources you have available to you so your home will be a safe space for your child.