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Should Your Child Have Their Own Netflix Account?

Iva Dixon 0

Your Child’s Netflix Account

If your familiar with Netflix, you would know that you can have up to five profiles on each Netflix account. That works for my family since there are two adults and three children. Even then we still fight over the remote to watch our favorite shows, but what family doesn’t. With these separate accounts there is the issue of children hiding what shows they are watching. Before creating their account you may want to have a talk with them about internet safety.

Netflix Account
Mother and Daughter watching Netflix together

Separate Profiles

The phrase “separate accounts” worries some parents, and rightfully so. If your worried they aren’t only watching kid shows, check the settings on their account. There are settings for the “kids only” accounts. This features mainly Disney shows and Pixar Movies. Also here’s some new kids movies coming to Netflix this month. If I went on my sons Netflix account I could see that he just watched Finding Dory in his “recently watched” list.

Monitor Their Account

Even if your child doesn’t mean to, eventually he or she could stumble onto something inappropriate. You may want to keep “kid mode” on their YouTube account as well. The internet cannot be controlled so there is only so much a parent can do. However, you can monitor their accounts to make sure they are only seeing “kid friendly” options on their Netflix account.

Netflix account
Young girl watching Netflix on her phone

iPad Usage

Most children these days are watching Netflix either on their iPad or on TV. The TV is easier to control since there usually is no access to the internet. Although an iPad basically is a computer. You can look up information on the internet, watch YouTube videos, and send messages to your friends. The list goes on and on, those are only some of the features of an iPad.

The Fall of Cable TV

Netflix is the forefront of modern TV watching, and cable networks like Nickelodeon are falling behind. Instead of putting on Nickelodeon shows like Spongebob, Mom’s are now putting on Netflix. A mom of 2 says she puts on Netflix because it’s easier and she knows there is always something new to watch. At this time, Netflix has about 125 million viewers, which of course is coming from cable. They even having kid cooking shows now, Netflix has literally thought of everything.