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Should Your Child Have An Instagram?

Iva Dixon 0

My mommy friends and I have discussed at length whether or not we should create Instagram accounts for our children. Of course we worry about privacy for our kids, and putting too many photos of them online. I lost my data once, but was so happy to already have so many photos on my Instagram, so at least I could see the positives.

Ultimately, I decided that I would set up an Instagram account for my kids to store their pictures under their name. They can always get their own accounts when they are older, but for now I can store them all in one place instead of adding them all to my account.

I lost my datat but thankfully had Instagram with images.
Instagram may be a good choice to keep pictures of your kids.

Security Concerns

Of course you have to be careful posting any photos online. They can be stolen and used for advertising without your consent or for other things. But Instagram is actually a lot safer than other platforms for sharing photos. People can’t download your photos and take them without you knowing like they can on Facebook or Twitter. The only way that people can steal your photos on Instagram is if they screenshot your post and then crop out your watermark. What’s great is now Instagram sends you an alert if someone screenshots your posts. This means you will know instantly who screenshotted your photo and when they did it. When you’re posting photos online, you should always watermark them in a way that can’t be cropped out. Of course, there is always the problem with cyberbullies nowadays, which is very sad, but that is another story.

Setting Up an Online Identity

This was the one that really pushed me over the edge. Honestly it made me decide to create the account (again, when I lost my data, it was rough, but there are other positives too). When I do set up an account it will be in my oldest child’s name so that he will have control over the Instagram handle that has his name. I don’t want anyone else to create an account that has his name. So I will do it myself.

I plan on creating accounts for all my other kids as well using their names so that in the future no bully or other person can create an account in my child’s name and use it to hurt them or to pretend to be them online. Even if you don’t want to post photos of your kids, it’s a smart idea to set up the account just so that you can grab the user handle before someone else does. You should do the same on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Whats App as well.


Sure there will be lots of embarrassing baby photos on there he will probably hate as he gets older. But he also will have a great collection of digital photos of his childhood that can’t be lost or destroyed. I know that someday that will be important to him. Now I can have their pictures in two places. Never worry if I lost my data ever again.