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Protect Your Children This Summer

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Summer is a welcome relief for kids but for parents, it’s another story. Parents, you need to protect your children from online threats when you can’t be around. If you work like many parents, then your children will not be under your supervision all day. Whether your children are at camp or out with Grandma, they could encounter something dangerous. This could be a stranger or something they witness on social media. If your problem is that your child isn’t answering your texts, then download this handy app.

Install A Monitoring Software

No matter what age your child is, chances are they will encounter something dangerous this summer. Make sure to install Cell Phone Monitoring Software on their phone before summer starts. The internet is full of explicit content like drug use, foul language, and pictures of body parts. Keep track of what your child is looking at, or sending to their friend. While you need to speak with your child if they are looking at inappropriate photos, even worse is your child sending it to someone else.

protect your children

Give Them Swimming Lessons

If your child doesn’t know how to swim, then sign them up for swimming lessons. Over the summer months, drowning is one of the leading causes of death for young children. It only takes a few seconds for a child to drown once they are submerged in water. And unfortunately, this usually happens during summer parties when music is blasting. So the parents might not realize their child has fallen into the pool until it’s too late. If they are in the process of lessons, make sure they have floaties on at all times.

Apply Sunblock More Than Once

While summer has many benefits, getting a sunburn is not one of them. Even though most people do not think about it, sunburns can eventually lead to skin cancer. Protect your children from years and years of sun exposure without protection. On the bright side, there is a way to prevent it. By wearing sunhats and applying sunblock. Most people put sunblock on before leaving the house. However, they fail to reapply sunblock when on the beach for several hours. And being in the water increases their risk.

protect your children

Talk To Them About Their Day

While I’m sure you do talk to them every day, it’s probably small talk. Like about the weather or what they did at camp that day. I’m saying to have a real sit-down talk with them at least a few times during the summer. This could help you recognize if they are being bullied, are depressed or suffering from any type of physical or mental ailment. Not every problem is identifiable just by looking at someone’s face. Protect your children by listening to them even if it’s about a topic you aren’t interested in. After all this sinks in, then you can wonder, should your child have their own Netflix account?