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Employee Monitoring Case: Is It Beneficial Only To Employers?

Iva Dixon 0

When I talked about employee monitoring benefits my colleagues the first time I heard about it, some of them would nod their heads approvingly while some roll their eyes and disagree. Those who approved are my colleagues who own a business that needs daily monitoring or employees that are challenged by the idea of growth. Those who disapproved are employees that are concerned with their privacy as they worked in a company.

While both parties have their points, employee monitoring raised questions from both the employer and the employee. No doubt that an employee monitoring software benefits the employers because it allows them to track and record employee work-related tasks, such as attendance, performance, productivity and focus, and real-time prevention of security breaches. But how far did the monitoring went? What do your employees make of this? Do they feel that they were not trusted? Are they overly stressed and pressured? Are they growing and productive as an individual?

Benefits for Employee Monitoring

Along with figuring out ways to encourage employees to accept the employee monitoring technique into the company processes, citing employee benefits can also help.

1. Accurate information: This goes both for the client and the employee. Usually, employees have to rely on their memories or the information they encoded into their computer, at the same time, dealing with the client. With this method, their reporting can become subject to human error, which leads to an angry client. With the right monitoring software in place, the company will be able to store accurate information and even record the conversation of their calls to avoid future delays and lack of accuracy of the information.

2. Self-evaluation: Employees can evaluate their efficiency using the right employee monitoring software. Self-evaluation can also lead to self-motivation. Productivity can be easily analyzed and recorded in the monitoring software. They can now actively view and analyze the hours they’re excelling the most.

3. Effective feedback: With the right monitoring software, employers can now provide their employees with real and tangible information on the areas they’re excelling, and the areas they needed to improve. The software now replaces the traditional “bad to excellent” evaluation given to the employees during annual performance reviews. Employees can now immediately determine which areas to improve and change. No more “you remember that time when ____,at that ______”!

4. Personal and Work-Life Separation: Employees can now effectively separate their personal life from their work. Checking your emails after work can become a habit, and it will affect your work and personal life.  Employers nowadays encourage their employees to leave their work in their workplace so they will be able to relax in their homes.  Monitoring software can help to bring employees accountable if they did otherwise. Employee monitoring software can help balance the personal and work life of an employee. As Fortune’s magazine even stated, “checking e-mails after work is bad for your health.”

Monitor Silently, Work Comfortably

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